Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Most of the time, I am quite glad that it is the year 2009. The only thing that makes me wish it were 1960 is this: the baked goods. In particular, cupcakes.

Weird, lovely, possibly sickening or delicious, highly intricate cupcakes made with buttercreams and meringues and trompe l'oeil decorations of, say, the Statue of Liberty made out of egg whites and shredded coconut, or whatever.

Wouldn't Dave be delighted if he came home from work and saw that I had spent my day constructing this:

While that may not technically be a cupcake, it very well might save my marriage:

Ladies, take heed. (Do click on that to enlarge it: it's fascinating. He returns to his wife mainly for her gingerbread -- and her relieved response is, of all things, It's that plantation molasses he used to have when he was a boy -- thanks to Brer Rabbit!)

Truly, though -- cupcakes are fun. Kids love them. The possibilities are endless. So I've compiled a short list of cupcakes that meet my Official Criteria for being Very Good Cupcakes.


1. They are relatively simple to make.

2. They are blatantly thematic. I love themes, I love kids, I love parties. Put those three things together and you have some idea of how I hope Heaven turns out.

3. Here's the shocker: They must be prepared (or preparABLE) with boxed cake mix. I like to decorate the little buggers; I will not waste my time making cupcake batter from scratch. I'd rather spend four hours slicing licorice whips into tiny threads, thank you.

Here are some cupcakes suitable for birthday parties or just for fun. I've arranged them in four categories according to difficulty. I think you'll be delighted at just how EASY they are. And if you've got a cupcake up your sleeve (not literally, I hope) please do share. I may even start a Cupcake of the Week feature (although I'm leaning towards a Birthday Theme of the Week feature -- then I can combine my two loves).

And now, I am off to construct the Taj Mahal out of marshmallows, in the hopes of securing a happy marriage. Enjoy the cupcakes!

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britta said...

Geez Louise. Where do you get this stuff?

Joshua and Terresa said...

Loving this blog! I have been having "craft time" with Jacob during Anela's morning nap. Your fun ideas and links have been awesome! Thanks!!

Joshua and Terresa said...

I forgot to mention that I STARTED morning craft time with Jacob as a result of this blog!! :) Jacob is so going to love being 2!