Monday, April 6, 2009

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

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Paper Plate Easter Bunnies

You'll Need:
1 or 2 white paper plates
white or pink construction paper
google eyes
3 pink pipe cleaners
hole punch
cotton balls (optional)
black or pink marker
white glue, glue stick or glue dots

Cut two white bunny ears from the construction paper and smaller pink ovals for the inside ear. Have child glue the pink oval inside the ear. Staple the ears to the top edge of your plate from behind.

Have child glue on the eyes and draw a triangle nose. Punch 3 holes on either side of nose. Cut the pipe cleaners in half (preschoolers can do this with safety scissors) and tie into the holes for whiskers. Have child draw on a mouth with marker. (Optional: Have child attach two or three cotton balls to the back of the bunny to fashion a tail.) Children make want to add a hair bow or bow tie to dress up their bunny!


-- Surround the edges of the plate with cotton balls.
-- Cut the second paper plate in half and staple it to the bunny to create a pocket in the back. Fill the pocket with Easter grass and fill with treats or cards.

Kit's Tips:

-- I find that chenille stems are difficult to secured with white glue,
I used a hole punch to insert the whiskers instead.
-- Also, in my experience, young children find it frustrating to attach cotton with glue; it gets pretty sticky. I usually skip the cotton ball step.

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