Sunday, March 22, 2009



When you don't have a sandbox, you can use other materials to make "mini 'sand'boxes." Shown here: white sugar (Antarctica); brown sugar (desert); oatmeal (?? I think we called it "rocks"). Antarctica made an especially cool box -- it looked just like snow!


You can chat about what animal would really live where, and play a sorting game (scorpion in the desert, walrus in Antarctica). We did that for about 5 minutes, and then just went wild putting the animals wherever!

A word to the wise: don't put these sugar pans right on your lawn like we did. When the sugar spills (and it will), the sun can cause it to burn a hole in your grass. (Oops. Sorry, Daddy!) Next time, I'll do this on concrete or a deck, so I can hose it off.
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