Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Level Three: Involved, But Doable Cupcakes


This clown is far from creepy. It's downright cute. (It's a Martha Stewart recipe, of course.) These would be perfect for a carnival or circus-themed party. They look difficult, but the only hard part is cutting a triangular core out of each cupcake to use as the clown hat. Okay, now that I wrote that out, it's downright intimidating. But with a small, sharp, serrated knife and a few practice runs (I'd bake a whole extra batch), I think it could be mastered. Then all you have to do is affix some colorful candies, and you've got these darling cupcakes. Maybe I'll test out this recipe and let y'all know how it goes. 'Cause I'm sure the two people who look at this blog are waiting on pins and needles....


These are not actually cupcakes, but because they are single-serving size I decided to include them. Also, they're awesome. And easy: you just cut a sheet cake or two up into rectangles and ice them. The knobs on the tops of each Lego are frosted marshmallows! GENIUS!

Here's a variation that is, decidedly, a CAKE:


These are not hard at all, but affixing all those durn candies (and having to buy so many types of candy) lands them in the "involved" category. They are not all that different from the bug cupcakes I made for Nora's 3rd birthday (which I will share later -- they were easy and cute!). Here's the complete recipe from bettycrocker.com.
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