Sunday, March 15, 2009

a new kind of canvas

Sometimes, all my daughter (and her friends) need to get their creativity sparked is a new kind of surface to write on. They spent over an hour the other day decorating index cards and envelopes with pens, stamps, and stickers. We had plenty of plain paper in the house, but they wanted the envelopes! It was fun to watch their little imaginations go wild as they pretended to make up invitations, "address" the envelopes, and, in a whole different vein, write up menus and take orders (as sweet, 3-year-old Layla is doing below). Super simple...inexpensive....and, family members like receiving the decorated envelopes in the mail later!
Other ideas for a "different canvas": cardboard; the white backings that come in packs of onesies; shoeboxes; small squares of artist canvas; cereal boxes; paper towel rolls; leftover fabric.....

What other ideas have you and your kids used?
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