Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring vase craft

This is an easy craft you can do with things you have lying around. Good for pretty much any age, 18 months and up (with varying levels of assistance).

You'll need:

a plastic container (we used an empty plastic bottle of those Gerber "Puffs" snacks)
paints or pens
stickers and any collage materials you might have
1. Have child paint (or color) a piece of paper wide enough to wrap around your chosen "vase."

2. Tape the paper to the vase, adding glitter, pom-poms, feathers, etc. as desired.

3. An open mouth helps greatly with concentration. :) When vase is decorated to child's liking, let dry, then fill with flowers and water. Voila! Ours has been on the kitchen table for a week, and I actually think it looks kind of pretty!
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Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

We love this cute craft for kids. Will definitely be featuring in on our site!

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Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu