Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Level Two: A Little More Effort

These are easy and cute, and kids can even decorate their own at the party. You don't need fancy icing bags or tips; if you don't have them, just use foldover plastic bags, fill with icing, and snip a tiny corner to pipe the icing out of. You can read the complete recipe here.


Here is the recipe.

I couldn't get the picture to download for some reason, but here is a recipe for fantastically cute little penguin cupcakes.

There are two varieties I found online: those made with fondant

and those made with dyed food coloring.

Fondant scares me. It looks so easy. I bought some one time,though, and it was a dry, unworkable mess. I've never gone back. However, re-reading how Camo Cupcake Mom #1 made hers, it sounded so simple: she rolled out some colors of fondant, cut the little shapes, and stuck 'em on chocolate frosting. How hard can that be?! (Famous last words.)

Camo Cupcake Mom #2 is clearly a perfectionist; she got all those edges of food coloring lined up without excess smearing and blending. I think that's harder than it looks. Still, I think anyone who did a trial run a couple weeks before a birthday party could do these fairly easily. And they're pretty cool. You go, Camo Cupcake Moms.
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