Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Coloring Pages

These are all free to print out on your computer. I've included secular and religious pages below.


Cute bunny with eggs

Cute bunny with bow in hair

"Kids dressed up for Easter" coloring page

Beautiful patterned egg to color #1

Beautiful patterned egg to color #2

Beautiful patterned egg to color #3

Very pretty picture of bunny with egg

Realistic chicks in basket coloring page

Patterned Easter eggs to color

Bunny in basket

Bunny painting an Easter egg

Chick and Easter egg

Singing/dancing chicks with Easter egg

Lamb with Easter basket


The Ministry of Jesus (free online coloring book)

Cross w/ flowers coloring page

Jesus Arrives on Palm Sunday coloring page

The story of the Resurrection (Matthew 28), adapted for preschoolers (story)

John 20 adapted for children under 4 (story)

"He is Risen" Easy Shapes greeting card template
-- Cut out the shapes and allow your child to arrange them on a piece of folded construction paper. Some can be glued and others applied with bits of folded tape, to give a "3D" effect.

Easter Bonnet Craft (picture coming soon)

-- a few sheets of newspaper or tissue paper
-- roll of masking tape
-- stickers, silk flowers, other little decorations for top of hat (whatever you have on hand)

Take a few sheets of newspaper or tissue paper. Have your child stand upright and look straight ahead. Place the paper on his/her head and then tape a band of masking tape around the child's head at about top-of-ear level. (Better to go lower than higher.) This will make the top of the hat so it will fit on child's head without sliding off.

Roll up all of the paper below the tape "brim." Roll it right up to the level of the tape, so you have the brim of the hat.

Decorate hat with stickers, silk craft flowers, leaves, tissue paper, whatever you have on hand. These are really adorable! Nora wore hers around til it practically disintegrated!


Milk Carton "Easter Baskets"

Wash out an empty milk carton and let dry.

Use an Xacto Knife to cut off the bottom 2/3 of the carton.

Let child paint or decorate as desired. (Nora loves painting boxes -- she goes nuts -- paints the inside, bottom, etc. Don't know quite what makes it so exciting, but it works...)

When dry, glue a strip of construction paper across the top as a "handle." Or punch 2 holes and thread pipe cleaners through for a handle.


Anonymous said... has some cool easter online coloring pages, you can find them here:

Andria said...

Thank you!

Those are coloring pages that you actually fill in online. The ones I listed are coloring pages that you print out to color. (Just FYI) I've never tried online coloring pages with Nora, but I bet she'd like them, especially when she gets a little older. Thanks for the link!