Monday, January 3, 2011

oodles of bubble wrap

My parents traveled to spend Christmas with us this year -- it was fantastic -- and they didn't want to carry much luggage, so they mailed most of their gifts ahead of time. Thus, we ended up with lots of bubble wrap!
We've been painting it....using it to make prints....and cutting it out in shapes to make stamps. Please share if you have any bright ideas for bubble wrap! I'd love to think up all kinds of ideas to re-use Christmas leftovers, but I may have to brainstorm all the way 'til next year if I want to be of any use, 'cause I think most people's wrappings are in the trash or recycling by now!
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malgorzata said...

You've got very nice ideas:-)) We use them from time to time in Poland:-)) and I also send them to my friends who love doing different things with children. I check your site quite regularly so I'm glad You've already started the new year.
Good luck in 2011 and lots of new ideas and crazy creations!!!

Andria said...

Thank you so much!!!!