Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Suncatchers how-to

1) Fill an ice cube tray with water and add food coloring in lots of pretty colors. Stir to mix, and set your tray outside in the cold world until it is well frozen.
2) When your colorful ice cubes are frozen, fill a pan with very cold water. Fill a cup about halfway with water, and set this cup in the pan (I moved mine to almost the halfway point; don't put it as close to the top as it is pictured below.) The water in your pan will freeze around the cup. When you remove the cup, you'll have a hole to put string through for hanging your ice catcher.

The water in your pan must be VERY cold -- set it outside or in your freezer for several minutes. Otherwise, when you add the ice cubes, they'll melt too much.

3) Alright, when the water is cold, pour in your colorful frozen ice cubes.
4) When your pan of water with ice cubes has frozen quite solidly, unmold it. (You might need to set the pan in warm water for a few minutes to make this easier.) Pop out the cup, leaving a hole to thread yarn through for hanging. (Water must have oozed under our cap; we didn't have an actual hole, but the ice was so thin there that just a few taps of a skewer gave us a hole to work with.)

5) Tie yarn or rope through the hole, and hang your suncatcher outside, where your kids can see it from the window. It makes a beautiful and unique ornament!
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