Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salt Dough Ornaments

The other night, we made salt dough ornaments.  It's a rustic little craft that kids can do much of themselves, and since we had water, salt, flour, and food coloring around the house already, we didn't have to venture out into the cold (and Nora, as you can see, could happily remain in her pajamas as she had most of the day!).  I've posted the simple recipe below.  It can easily be halved if you are running out of salt (like we were).  A half-batch made plenty of ornaments to decorate Nora's little Christmas tree. 

The coarser the salt you use, the more it will show up in the dough.  Add the food coloring to the water before mixing it into the dry ingredients.  Also, add your water just a little at a time, because I found that our mixture got too wet very quickly, and I had to add more flour.

Roll 'em out, give your kids some cookie cutters, and maybe a few doo-dads (buttons, craft pasta, etc.) to stick into the dough.  Even my 21-month-old was able to enjoy this!  He became very quiet and focused on squishing the buttons into the dough, but I cannot guarantee such an outcome for all 21-month-olds (or even my own on a different day!).  :)

Please scroll down for the recipe......


[Morgan] said...

Hi Andrea,
I teach/run a preschool in Utah. I found your blog via google, when I typed in colorful rainbow craft for preschoolers:)
I loved your dyed pasta rainbows and wanted you to know that I will be making them this week with one of my classes.
Thanks for the great idea!

[Morgan] said...

oops, logged in under my personal google account, my preschool site is http://www.brilliantbeginningspreschoolutah.com
if you are interested in viewing it!
thanks agian!