Monday, November 23, 2009

Specialty Shaped Crayons

A friend of ours recently made a batch of these fun crayons for Nora when we were homebound with the flu. I thought they were adorable. They're also a handy way to re-use bits and pieces of old crayons. You can make these crayons in any shape that you have a mold for, and in any colors you choose. Wouldn't red and green crayons, in a baggie with some ribbon, make pretty holiday gifts for small children?

I'll let my friend Deya tell you exactly how she made them:

You'll Need:

-- Molds in desired shapes, in this case stars ( I used a silicone mold)

-- Approximately 6 crayons per star

1. Preheat oven to 250F

2. Cut crayons to about pea size

3. Arrange crayon pieces in molds. I made them all unicolor, but you can combine colors if you like in different designs

4. Put in oven and leave until almost completely melted (residual heat will finish melting last few pieces), +/- 20 min.

5. Let sit until completely cool and pop out.  With a silicone mold this was REALLY easy. But if you use metal kind you can pop in freezer and that will make the crayon shrink enough to make it pop out easier.
Draw to your heart's content!

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Lopez Kilpatrick said...

the last time I tried this, there was a clear layer of wax on the top. Did I just leave them in the oven too long? or was the the fault of the cheap restaurant crayons do you think?

Andria said...

It may have been the restaurant crayons. They seem waxier, with less pigment.