Thursday, July 30, 2009

Potato Aliens (and a Tissue-Box Rocket Ship)


After last week's potato penguins, Nora had the great idea to make potato aliens. The process was the same: we just painted raw potatoes green and then decorated them. Some fun potato-alien accessories:

--green Easter grass hair
--googly eyes of various sizes
--Q-tips (made great antennae)
--pipe cleaners (ditto)
--Sharpie for drawing mouths
--craft pasta wheels for Princess Leia-like buns (not shown, just an idea)
--Rice Krispies made great teeth

We used an old, washed egg carton to stand the potatoes up in while they were drying. Nora wanted to make them a rocket ship out of a Kleenex box. I know that one could make a really awesome, realistic-looking one (you could cover it with white paper, and write something like "Earth or Bust!" on the door, or -- whatever! But this was Nora's project, so I stayed out of it). She doodled on the box with a Sharpie, stuck on some sequins, and asked me to make a simple door out of a rectangle of white paper. She spent all morning putting her potato aliens in the box, flying them around, and collecting green foods from the play kitchen to "feed" them.


This one's my favorite
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