Monday, September 13, 2010

Tissue Paper Art

I apologize in advance for the poor-quality photos in this post. My "good" camera was in the shop!

Here is a simple way to make tissue-paper collages....

1) Take a piece of cardboard and wrap the front of it with aluminum foil.
2) Cut out shapes of tissue paper -- or just rip them with your fingers.

3) Mix a small bowl of diluted glue and brush it over the surface of the foil. Lay pieces of tissue over the foil in any arrangement you wish. Keep layering tissue, brushing a layer of glue over each piece to hold it down.
4) When you feel you are finished, let your artwork dry for a couple of hours. These make very pretty pieces. It was hard to capture here (especially with my "backup" camera), but the tissue pieces sort of melt into each other for a lovely, tie-dyed, almost batik effect.
This was an easy craft, very inexpensive (mostly recycled), and enjoyed by my 4-year-old and 2-year old. Cleanup was minimal -- just some stickiness here and there from the glue! (And, as you can see, I have totally given up on the kitchen table. I don't even put down newspaper any more. Bad me!)

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Teagan said...

This is such a cute and clever idea. Have you ever done crafts with your kids using shredded paper? I have to shred a lot of paper at work and would love to use paper shreddings for craft time with my niece and nephew. Maybe with some brightly colored paints? Your kids are quite talented!