Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nora's imagination was piqued by this activity. I knew it would be a successful "craft" because she was so insistent on doing it, while I kept dragging my feet (not wanting to waste good produce!). The fact that the banana was half-dead and we only used carrot tops made it easier for me.

She wanted to make a canoe (banana), buoys (carrot tops), person (clementine), hat (bell pepper top), and a crab (slices of bell pepper). Then she asked to make a "celery man" with "ice skates" (strips of bell pepper). This concentrating face makes me giggle -- I think it's the face I make sometimes when getting shoes onto the kids:

Then her imagination kind of went wild and she wanted to make a "big field of grass" using broccoli stems and some old(ish) celery. That lime (below), which looks like an evil horned creature, was my own attempt at a I think I'll leave the "fast food" to Nora.

Finished! A wacky craft, but fully compostable! Nora started eating it halfway through -- the little crab disappeared first -- or, at least, its claws, but I wouldn't let her eat the body because she had drawn on it with Sharpie.

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