Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinosaur Stamp Activity

Playing with stamps can be a great way for kids to familiarize themelves with how different dinosaurs look. You can talk with your kids about why different dinosaurs have pointy teeth and claws; why others have paddlelike feet and what this might tell you about where they live; etc.

Other ideas:
Play a little game where you have drawn (or printed from the internet) different dinosaur "habitats" (a swamp, a deep lake, a tree-filled forest). They can stamp the dinosaurs where they think they might live. (Best for slightly older preschoolers who can understand this concept.)

Let them stamp the dinosaurs, then color or paint them in.

If the stamps have deep enough grooves, they can stamp them into Play-Doh to make "fossils."

Some stamps available from Oriental Trading (

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